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Encourage your team to ride and you can expect happier, healthier, more connected employees.

Employee Membership Program Benefits:

  • Quick and convenient for short trips and errands (10 minute or less ride between stations Downtown and along the Beaches)
  • Demonstrates commitment to your community & your employees’ health
  • Fun, green, unique compliment to employee wellness and sustainability programs
  • Alternative to public transit or driving – and parking
  • Employee usage reports, including total carbon off-set, available online
  • Employees can challenge each other based on number of rides, distance or carbon offset.
  • Cross-promote your business with South Florida’s only county wide bike-sharing program
  • Special discount rates – for you and your team

 Contact us at 954-540-7609 for more info.


For more information, please call 754.200.5672 or email us at

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